Building Framework of Community Action Plan based on Climate Change Impact on
Vulnerability of Flood-Prone Areas at Watershed Level

  1. Develop vulnerability maps over the study area (output 1)
  2. Categorize hydrological flood risk levels (output 2)
  3. Develop spatiotemporal database of watershed‐based radar rainfall products (output 3)
  4. Develop practical manual & framework of action plan to cope with CC impact (output 4)
  5. Disseminate the knowledge for adaptation and mitigation impacts of climate change to local communities through collaboration with local organizations.


Thai Side

  • Sarintip TANTANEE – Naresuan University (NU)
  • Nattapon MAHAVIK – Naresuan University (NU)
  • Charatdao KONGMUANG – Naresuan University (NU)
  • Weerayuth PRATOOMCHAI – Naresuan University (NU)

Japanese Side

  • Shinta SETO – Nagasaki University (Nagasaki U)

Expected Outcomes

A framework to cope with the hydrological-related disasters for local communities

Progress in June 2020