Cropping Systems / Crop Calendars Adapted to Climate Change Conditions Focusing
on Salt-Affected Soils in Rural Areas of Northeast Thailand

  1. To install Automatic Weather Station (AWS) at 5 sites in Upper Nan Watershed for sustainable rainfall data collection
  2. To create land use scenarios, future land-use/land-cover maps, predicted deforestation maps, ecosystem service maps (water yield, biodiversity, sediment)
  3. To simulate cost/benefit in various adaptation measures


Thai Side

  • Mallika SRISUTHAM – Khonkaen University (KKU)
  • Roengsak KATAWATIN – Khonkaen University (KKU)
  • Supranee SRITUMBOON – Land Development Department (LDD)
  • Somsak SUKCHAN – Land Development Department (LDD)

Japanese Side

  • Masayasu MAKI – Fukushima University (Fukushima U)
  • Koshi YOSHIDA – The University of Tokyo (UT)
  • Koki HOMMA –Tohoku University (Tohoku U)

Progress in June 2020